The Snotty Snail

On his way to school, Danny and his pet frog Yokono encounter a gigantic sneezing, slobbering snail who is heading to Danny’s school to destroy it! Danny has no choice! He has to save his town, even at the risk of losing his homework AGAIN!


101 REASONS WHY is a UNIVERSE that follows the wild adventures of students in Mr. Gilbert’s class.

Each student has 101 REASONS WHY something just isn’t going quite right for them or they can’t seem to overcome certain day-to-day obstacles. For example, 101 REASONS WHY I Lost My Homework Again, 101 REASONS WHY I Can’t Eat My Veggies, 101 REASONS Why I’m Late Again…Why My Room is Messy, Why I Can’t Shower Today, Why I Can’t Go to Gym Class, Why One Shoe is Always Missing, etc. Each series addresses fun and funny things that ALL kids do!

Each student faces a different hurdle, but it’s not their fault! They have perfectly good — and totally wild — explanations, and they’re going to tell you all about it.

Have you ever asked a 5-year-old who ate the piece of cake you were saving? “Spiderman.” Right. Spiderman. “And his pet rabbit. They walked right into the kitchen and gobbled it up because they are so, so hungry from fighting crime.” Kids are the best storytellers. Their answers are straight-up comedy. Inventive, endearing, and often covering up something that they are embarrassed about or worried about getting in trouble for. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. But a mistake is only a mistake if you don’t learn from it. Thus, all our 101 stories have great lessons!

This is the world we dive into. A menagerie of the most incredible excuses for the most ordinary situations, ones that all kids face.

And so, our adventure series was born…