101 Reasons Why

BOOK #1: The Snotty Snail

Homework is hard.
Being a kid is even harder!
(And that was before meeting a gigantic, murderous, slimy snail!!!)
Danny & his brilliant pet frog Yokono are just trying to get through the school day in the most hilarious, creative way possible!

The Snotty Snail Book Cover
Age 7 to 12 | Grade 2-7
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Danny Book
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The Book

I Lost My Homework Again: The Snotty Snail! Danny doesn’t have his homework…AGAIN. But there is a perfectly good, totally normal, completely logical explanation! On his way to school, Danny and his brilliant pet frog Yokono encountered a gigantic sneezing, slobbering snail who was also heading to Danny’s school… to destroy it!

Danny, as your #1 bro, I am confident that this will be the perfect intro!



Our hero’s tale is here, featuring a fun cameo by Yokono!

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The best part of creating the 101 Universe is our incredibly passionate, innovative team — and we’d love you to come be a part of it! Please join us in our endeavor to continue building the 101 Universe so we can deliver these magical, heart-warming adventures to children far and wide. Each book and new story line requires tremendous time, talent, and energy on the part of our creators. With your generous support, we can make it happen.

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Meet the team

No time zone too far…no schedule too busy…no home planet too weird…to keep our team from finding a way to come together to create these fantastical stories. The heart of the 101 Universe is that of our team, each channeling the hyper-curious, aloof dreamers of our youth. These are the stories we wish we had as kids — stories to help us overcome obstacles, but do so in the most fun, wild way possible! Here’s to all the other stargazers among us…

Lirit Rosenzweig Topaz
Lirit Rosenzweig Topaz



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What's Next...

101 Reasons is a captivating universe, brimming with boundless worlds, each bursting with infinite stories. Join us as we embark on the next chapters in the series, and anticipate many more exciting surprises to come.

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101 Reasons Why

Have you ever wondered just how incredibly creative kids can be? It’s as if they have a built-in creativity and funny switch when they need to explain why they did/didn’t do something!

“101 REASONS WHY” is a graphic novel book series for kids aged 7-12. In the “101 REASONS WHY UNIVERSE,” the characters encounter a unique challenge, and it’s not their fault at all! 

They come up with the most amazing—and completely wild—”101 REASONS WHY” explanations, and they can’t wait to share them with you! For example, “101 REASONS WHY I Lost My Homework…Again,” “101 REASONS WHY I Can’t Eat My Veggies,” “101 REASONS WHY I’m Late Again…Why My Room is Messy,” “Why I Can’t Shower Today…or Ever,” “Why I Can’t Go to Gym Class,” “Why One Shoe is Always Missing,” etc.

The Snotty Snail Cover

The Book

I Lost My Homework Again: The Snotty Snail! Danny doesn’t have his homework…AGAIN. But there is a perfectly good, totally normal, completely logical explanation! On his way to school, Danny and his brilliant pet frog Yokono encountered a gigantic sneezing, slobbering snail who was also heading to Danny’s school… to destroy it!

If Danny and Yokono can survive the sticky, slimy encounters on their dangerous mission to save the school, they just might find a cure for the snail’s boogery head cold, shrink him back down to normal, get to the bottom of who unleashed this terror on their beloved town, and, hopefully, NOT LOSE DANNY’S HOMEWORK.

The Snotty Snail Cover
Lirit Rosenzweig Topaz

Lirit Rosenzweig Topaz

Founder & Executive Producer of Neko Productions

Lirit is the founder of Neko Productions, an animation production company in Los Angeles, and FBF Animation, a worldwide animation school. As a mother of three children, Lirit treats Neko as her fourth child, showering it with love and care, nurturing its growth and success. Her mission is to craft projects that not only captivate children but also leave their parents delighted. With a diverse portfolio including Sonic the Hedgehog, Marvel, Harry Potter, The Tunies, and many other noteworthy ventures, Lirit consistently places her mark of quality on each creation.

Ofir Lobel

This broadly humorous masterpiece is the brainchild of writer, director, and comedian Ofir Lobel, known for his work on Netflix’s “BLACKSPACE,” and “TRUST NO ONE.” I was a very scattered kid, and I always forgot where I put my homework. And so, my dad told me to tell the truth…but to make it interesting, to create a story so everyone would forgive me if I lost my homework or forgot to do it. It started with simple stories, “I had to help my mom,” “My family needed me.” But eventually, the stories got bigger and more incredible…until they took on a life of their own! Soon there were zombies and ghosts and monsters in the stories. Months later, my teachers started hoping I had lost my homework again to hear another good story. The whole class waited to hear my latest tall tale… and I discovered my superpower.

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Peyton McDavitt

Peyton McDavitt

Editor & Writer

Peyton is our story editor, her job is to make Ofir make sense. She is a true wordsmith with a lot of bragging rights, such as a Harvard degree, experience writing on several shows for major networks, an E! Entertainment think tank position, and living in the Middle East to write on one of the first scripted shows to come out of the Arabic world. She also is a TV and feature script writer and consultant. Her brain is so big and fancy, that we can never measure up. But Yokono is gonna try.

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Tyronne Herring

Tyronne Herring

Illustrator & Storyboard Artist

Tyronne is a South African illustration magician! He drew me! (And Yokono) He has a 2D animation origin story; his career started on the cartoon CAILLOU, and he also worked on Disney Junior’s FLORRIE’S DRAGONS. He is a storyboarding wizard, and the proof is in shows like YouTube’s TEAM JAY and Nickelodeon’s JUNGLE BEAT. We bow to his greatness.

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Bobbo Andonova

Bobbo Andonova

Lead Designer

Bobbo Andonova has been a Character Designer for the past 7+ years. She is the lead designer on ILMHA and her work is to combine all the sketches, color schemes, characters and backgrounds so that everything looks cohesive and awesome in the end.

Beata Kepa

Beata Kepa


Beata makes her living as a colorist, which means that, as a kid, she probably tore through a lot of crayon boxes. She has a master’s degree in her field from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Poland!). Her specialties are environments, props, and characters, which is a big reason why Yokono and I look so good.