French Toy Rendezvous with Yann Fresnel

French Toy Rendezvous
Welcome to French Toy Rendez-Vous #14, an exclusive series by Toy Influence where Yann Fresnel, the founder and renowned expert in the toy world, meets with Peyton McDavitt, a skilled screenwriter and television consultant from Boston. In this engaging interview, Peyton shares her impressive journey from graduating with a degree in the History of Art and Architecture at Harvard, to her creative industry breakthrough in Los Angeles, and her notable achievements in scripting for networks like LIFETIME A&E, SPIKE/SONY, and beyond. Discover the behind-the-scenes of her work on international productions, her experiences as a finalist in prestigious screenwriting competitions, and her consulting role for entertainment giants such as E! Entertainment. Follow her artistic and television industry journey, including her time in the Middle East writing for the series MEDINAH, and learn how her passion for writing and content creation continues to unfold. Whether you are a toy industry professional looking to grasp influential narrative trends or simply a media enthusiast, this conversation offers valuable and inspiring insights into storytelling in the modern era. Learn more about the impact of well-crafted stories in the toy sector and how narrative can enhance the play and discovery experience for children.