The Graveyard Shift with Emilio Diaz

The Graveyard Shift - Peyton McDavitt
In this episode, Emi interviews "101 Reasons Why" Editor and Writer, Peyton McDavitt! You can follow and support the Kickstarter campaign for this awesome project BELOW! 101 Reasons Why is an anthology series for readers of all ages! It follows a series of adorably hilarious reasons WHY all sorts of things happen to kids! Things like "Why I lost my Homework?", including going back in time with the dinosaurs, swimming with zombies, and a LOT more! Peyton is the Editor and Writer of this series and she's got quite a resume! Peyton has an AB from Harvard in The History of Art and Architecture, studied field hockey in Santiago, Chile, AND is a former player for the USA Junior National Team, as well as a Division 1 All-American, Radcliffe Prize recipient, and was recently inducted into the Harvard Varsity Club Hall of Fame!